Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde Essay

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Living with the Enemy

Every human being since the fall of man lives with an enemy that wants to control us, his enemy can make the nicest person misbehave and do things they should do. In the Movie Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Stevenson uses biblical elements such as the sinful nature that is in every human heart because of sin to reveal what it look like to want to do right but evil is seems to always be present and more fun. This picture of sinful man and what sin will make you do is very powerful. Stevenson allows the reader to see who enticing sin and the power is has over us when we submit. Mary Reilly by Valerie Martin is a picture of the love can compassion and grace she reveal there is one cure for the sinful heart of man and the is God. God plan to redeem man and save him for the sinful hand of the enemy is they only cure for the enemy of our souls.

Both movies Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and Mary Reilly have themes suggested in their films remind me of lots of biblical narratives found in the scriptures. I want to use this paper to talk about several of those themes. One such theme is a picture of the flesh and the spirit and the war that each believer faces as they walk on earth. Another theme is the unmistakable love that Christ has for everyone insight of their sinful behavior.
Many characters in the scripture wrestle with the evil nature Saul, David and Paul are a few that come to mind. Paul says…

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