Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde Essay

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To illustrate, how Science can aid lives with their new improved technology; however, they can harm lives with the defects, or flaws, of their technology. With it stands, Dracula presents blood transfers that can save lives, but also loses lives if not done right. Next is Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde presents potions, or in other words pills and medications that help mental illnesses to separate both good and evil; however, it brings in the side-effects of these medications. Finally, Maximum ride presents the mutations that helps people to live longer in their lives; even though, there are disadvantages to mutations; such as diseases. In the book Dracula, Dr. Van Helsing uses scientific technology to help his patients in many ways. Dr. Van Helsing said, “There must be a transfusion of blood at once” (Bram Stoker) pg.130. “Van Helsing took some things from his bag and laid them on a little table” (Bram stoker) pg.131. The technology that Van Helsing used was a needle, a tube and a pouch to perform the blood transfusion. In doing so, Van Helsing used the blood transfer technology to help Lucy because of the loss of her blood that made her appear unwell. The blood transfer is a way to take someone’s blood into another person, who had lost a lot of blood, to save their lives. However, the one disadvantage of the blood transfusion is that the other person, who is giving the blood, will be losing their blood to save other. Another disadvantage is HIV, because back in the Victorian…

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