Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde Character Analysis

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In the book, “The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” written by Robert Louis Stevenson, it is about one man with two different personalities. Dr. Jekyll is the protagonist in the story and Mr. Hyde is another form of Dr. Jekyll, who plays the antagonist. They are the same person, but with two different personalities. The character struggles in the story because he is unable to control the other personality in the actions he takes. The two different personalities are different from each other physically, mentally, and morally.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are different physically because of the different attribute each personality holds. Dr. Jekyll looked like he was around fifty years old. He was a large, tall man without any
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Dr. Jekyll is the protagonist and Mr. Hyde is the antagonist. Dr. Jekyll is more stable and aware of his actions. He has a public-self and private-self. Dr. Jekyll portrays himself as a greatly respected man publicly, but privately, he secretly engages in bad behaviors. These behaviors lead to the experiment of separating his good and evil sides that leads to the creation of Mr. Hyde. Mr. Hyde is violent, cruel, aggressive, and is the dark side of Dr. Jekyll. He has no conscience, so bad actions does not even bother him. He is able to harm others and murder others without it bothering his feelings. One personality is stable mentally, but the other personality is in …show more content…
Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are also different morally because one personality has morals and the other doesn’t. Dr. Jekyll participates in many charities and is a benefactor. He feels guilt, knows what is right and wrong, and has a conscience. Mr. Hyde does not have a conscience and does not feel. He doesn’t think his actions such as harming others or murdering others is bad. He does not feel that guilt or feel sorry. Dr. Jekyll has morals that makes him a respected friend and doctor, while Mr. Hyde does not have morals, so is not liked by people rather he is being hunted for his actions.

In conclusion, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde are one character, but have two different personalities. They differ physically, mentally, and morally. They are the exact opposite of each other. Dr. Jekyll is the protagonist, the respected character, and has a conscience. Mr. Hyde is the antagonist, the deformed character, and does not have a conscience. One is mentally stable, while the other is in fear because he is being hunted to be executed for his actions. Dr. Jekyll created Mr. Hyde to separate his good and evil

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