Essay about Dr. Harvey 's Selective Hearing

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Recently, Dr. Harvey has been unresponsive to many questions asked of him in class and has been exhibiting a “selective hearing” behavior in regards to certain conversation topics. The behavioral funnel will be used to assess Dr. Harvey’s behavior and the appropriate responses.
According to Hawkins (1979), the behavioral assessment is similar to the shape of a funnel. The beginning of the assessment should be broad and consider all possibilities while having a narrow scope of the behavior. There are 5 stages that form the behavioral funnel and to better understand Dr. Harvey’s “selective hearing” response each step will be assessed in order to find a better understanding. The following steps are in chronological order of the behavioral funnel.
The screening and general positon process strives to determine whether the individual is a good fit with that particular facility. Is the person who is the focus of the study belong at that institution? I would initially perform a screening and would notice the cotton placed in Dr. Harvey’s ear depicting the injury he sustained. Due to this issue, I would determine it would be in his best interest to send him to another facility where any physiological impairments causing the behavioral response could be ruled out. After all medical complications are ruled out, Dr. Harvey would then be deemed a good fit (Hawkins, 1979).
In the definition and general quantification of problem or achievement step, I would perform another assessment on…

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