Dr. Harold Shipman From Birmingham England Essay

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“Today we are here with Dr.Harold Shipman from Nottingham England for a short interview about his life. Hello Dr.Shipman” (Reporter)

“Hello its great to be here today” (Shipman)

“So Doctor can you please describe to me your childhood? Looking back, are there specific events that you can remember that may have contributed to your life crime? (Reporter)

“Well during my early years in life I grew very attached to my mother who seemed to like me the most out of the 3 of us in the house. Mom use to call me Fred instead of Harold which I always accepted. I didn’t have many friends. My mother was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer when I was 16 and took a very fast decline I wanted to oversee her care, but she refused. She told me several times she liked the effect the morphine had on her suffering. She died when I was 17 and I swore that I was going to join a medical school, which I did at Leeds University Medical school. I failed my medical entrance exam twice before I finally passed.” (Shipman

“What date did your mother die?” (Reporter)

“June 21st, 1963.” (Shipman)

“O I’m sorry, Next question Some criminal profilers believe that children who exhibit certain behaviors may be more likely to commit a crime. When you were a child, did you frequently start fires, commit acts of cruelty towards animals, or wet the bed to an age that is considered to be abnormal?” (Reporter)

“No not during my childhood years but my mother 's death really did hurt me..I started taking Pethidine…

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