Essay on Dr. Durst 's The Holocaust And Hiroshima

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Dr. Durst when you gave us the choice of reading Chapter 8 “Theologians Look to the Future with Hope” (eschatology) or Chapter 12 “Postmodern Theologians Rebel against Modernity,” I knew I had to pick chapter 8. I believe that many Christians fear the topic of eschatology, because it is not clear as some other topics are in the Bible. After reading Olson statement that "God does not yet exist" I must say that I was startled and perplexed. Olson says this statement was used to counter the radical secular theology that sprung from the 60 's cultural and from the atheists claim there was no God (p. 449).
Atheists have pointed to the tragedy of the Holocaust and Hiroshima to disprove the existence of an all determining and all powerful God (p. 450). I believe for those who have doubts about the existence of a God always tend to gravitate toward events that are an end result of mankind 's free will or natural disasters. I believe as pastor we must always remind people that we truly have a God who is at the controls of this universe. He gives us freedom of choice. He does not force us to love Him, but He wants us to love Him by our own choice. As Christians, we must not duck or dodge questions these questions. I enjoyed reading that the eschatology theologians Jurgen Moltmann and Wolfhart Pannenberg respond to cultural happenings in mid-twentieth century (p.450).
Moltmann and Pannenberg both believed that God does not exist in fullness until the coming of the Kingdom God (p. 449).…

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