Dr. Christian 's Psychology Class Observed The Child Of Kurt And Kayt

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On September 7th, Dr. Christian’s psychology class observed the child of Kurt and Kayt, Peter. Peter is a 4-month-old baby boy. In class we have been learning about infant physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development. During the observation, I was able to notice a lot about both the parents and Peter. With the knowledge I have gained from psychology and the observation of the child, I am now able to explain why children act the way they do.
From the moment the parents walked in, I could tell they were both very pleasant, but at the same time very passive. The child was very calm and playful. Dr. Christians would talk to Peter and he would smile. This would be explained by social smile or a response to stimuli (Santrock, 111). Even though we noticed that Peter didn’t like “tummy time,” he didn’t cry when they put him in multiple positions. Peter is at a stage where he likes to grasp objects with his hands. His parents gave him a toy and he grasped it immediately. He curled up his feet when Dr. Christian tickled them. Dr. Christians did not go through the object permanence test with the child because Peter is still at the age that if he can’t see an object, it doesn’t exist. Peter is also still not language efficient, quiet yet. Kurt and Kayt said about the most peter says is “ehh.” Peter’s parents still have Peter on a liquid diet.
Dr. Christians also asked Kurt and Kayt about their prenatal story. They talked about how they struggled to conceive and decided to…

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