Dr. Bosh And. Lingenfelter 's Views On Understanding Of Global Missiology And Leadership Aspects

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Both authors, Dr. Bosh and Dr. Lingenfelter made a significant contribution to our understanding of global missiology and leadership aspects in the area or cross-cultural ministry. Both of them represent Christian thinkers and practitioners who went above and beyond to be on the front line of global missions, and wrestled with the tensions between Biblical, Western and non-Western worldviews. Dr. Bosh was born in South Africa and served as a missionary as well as high capacity leader in various Christian missional and educational institutions on the African continent. His academic work included six books and more than 150 articles, surveying paradigms of biblical missions in the historical and emerging contexts (Yates 2009, 72). Dr. Lingenfelter is a well-known figure in the American and international missiological academic world because of his intensive field research in the area of anthropology of cross-cultural leadership and the key leadership roles at Fuller seminary and Biola University (Fuller 2016). The purpose of the Leading Cross-Culturally book is to uncover the issues of cultural biases and illustrate possibilities of overcoming these obstacles in ministry partnerships. The Spirituality of the Road book, on the other hand, discusses how the true spirituality and Christ-like leadership can be exercised in global mission context by emphasizing active discipleship lived in the real world.
In his book Dr. Lingenfelter points out that ‚Äúleading is simply a very…

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