Dr. Best Teaching Method Essay

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Dr. Best teaching method included clinical scenarios and I shared clinical perspective of administration of Vancomycin and important nursing consideration with patients taking this medication. The trough level are drawn and monitor to make adjustments to medication. Teaching strategies used were writing on the white board and critical thinking scenarios. Disseminating knowledge on Vancomycin in the classroom setting was a great teaching and learning experience.

Dr. Best and I discussed writing good test questions, objectives for class lecture, and available resources. Objectives are a guide to make sure address specific areas of the lesson plan. Writing test questions took time for mastery. As I prepared for lecture on endocrine drug classification I wrote the objectives and questions for lesson plan. I recognized teaching as an art and science. I used the NCLEX test plan and it was helpful during test item writing.
Dr. Best facilitated learning in the classroom environment through active participation and assignments. Group presented and I critiqued based on four areas from grading rubric: Content, presentation, activity, and critical thinking (NCLEX questions). Dr. Best used case study as an effective teaching strategy and students demonstrated understanding on antibiotic content from previous class.

Dr. Best lectured on orthopedic content in NUR 491, she was an expert on this content and I enjoyed the teaching. She presented the information on PowerPoint…

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