Essay about Dr. Benjamin Sheppard 's Death

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In the summer of 1952, Dr. Samuel Sheppard’s Fourth of July had no celebrations, in fact the day began in tragedy. That night Dr. Sheppard claims an intruder entered his lakeside home and brutally murder his wife. Sheppard was awoken by the sounds of his wife’s screams and left his place from the couch downstairs, running to his bedroom on the second level. Once entering his room Sheppard saw a figure and then was struck on the back of the head and rendered unconscious. When he awoke on his bedroom floor he heard noises downstairs and when he went to investigate. There he saw a figure leaving through his screen door. Sheppard then followed this man to the lakeshore where he confronted the intruder and was once again knocked unconscious. When Dr. Sheppard awoke for the third time he went back into his home only to find his wife, Marilyn, laying in a pool of blood, dead . In the weeks following these events the various media outlets surrounding the Sheppard’s home, covered the investigation of the Marilyn Sheppard’s murder. However, the majority of the media that released information on the murder painted Dr. Sheppard to be the killer. They took advantage of everything Sheppard did and said and spun him into a murderous husband. For example, by him having a very expensive and good criminal defense attorney the media said that was a clear sign of his guilt. The days after the murder Sheppard was in the hospital do to shock and minor injuries from his attack. While in the…

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