Dr. Ambedkar 's Conflicts With Gandhi Essay

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Men like Mohandas Gandhi whose intention are good but ideas too radical for are bound to gain criticism as they do with support. In the case of Gandhi, there are people who he intends to help but they refuse to accept like Ambedkar and his followers. And there are those who does not want those in need of help to receive help like Nathuram Godse and the Brahmins. These people felt that Gandhi was overstepping his bounds in the Hindu system and is no hero to the public’s interest. India’s first Law Minister and the chief architect of the Constitution of India Bhimaro Ramji Ambedkar’s conflicts with Gandhi lies in several differences of understanding and opinion of Indian society, the caste, the Poona Pact, and the question of whether Gandhi had the right to represent the Dalits. Ambedkar expresses disapproval of “Gandhism” as a construction model for Indian social and economic life. He dismisses Gandhi’s ideas for the economy as too backwards and criticizes Gandhi’s view on machinery as too extreme and that machines can be beneficial because it gives people leisure time to cultivate their minds (Ambedkar, “Ghandism” 158). Ambedkar also disapproves of Gandhi’s support of the caste or varna and that the system is not natural as Gandhi would argue and questions why is it that Gandhi is trying to get rid of British rule but supports this system where a ruling class still imposes on a servile class (165). He does not like how Gandhism “deludes people into accepting their…

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