Essay Dq University: a Leadership Analysis

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D-Q University: Leadership Analysis
The rebirth of D-Q University describes how none of the leaders of the American tribal college movement and one of the nation’s 34 tribal colleges faced financial difficulties, accreditation challenges resulting in the college being faced with the decision whether to close its doors or not. Leadership failure to reach Indian students before the accreditation was revoked is thought to be a primary issue creating low student enrollment. We will discuss background, issues, analysis, and make recommendations addressing the leadership failures in the areas of power structures, leadership, systems thinking, organizational culture, and ethics impacting the college ability to re-open its doors to the Indian
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On the surface may appear D-QU had to close its doors due to accreditation and financial problems, but the real root of the problem was the lack of student interest, and poor leadership by educators and the board of trustees. D-QU had served tribal students for decades before its doors were forced to close. In 2005, the accreditation agency for schools and colleges in Western states terminated the accreditation of D-QU, California’s only tribal college. In its report, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) cited problems ranging from unqualified top administrators, unsound curriculum development practices, and shaky financial accountability standards and planning, and a high board of trustee turnover rate (Tribal College Journal, 2005). Declining enrollment and lack of funds led the board to dismiss the president in June 2006. While formal classes are not currently being held, students and teachers who remained on campus have continued to use of the campus for classes, gatherings, and ceremony. Financial abuse and misuse of funds continue to escalate, and many important historical documents and students’ transcripts have gone missing or have been destroyed (Yazzie, 2008).
D-QU was a mature organization. Its founders possessed an entrepreneurial mindset and approach to leadership. As the university

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