Douglass Vs Rawlins Essay

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Similar to Douglass Rawlins can be related to Washington. Washington was also a former slave. After the civil war he was freed and then caught out ways to help the black community, perhaps with more of an emphasis on former slaves. He talked openly about the progress of the black community stressed what he believed blacks should do. He help found the Tuskegee institute, aimed at teaching black men vocational training and skills, which he strong emphasized over higher education. Washington placed a large importance on the attention of moral values. In many ways Rawlins embodied the ideas of morals that Douglass hoped to ensure in his students. Rawlins was noble, honest, caring, and humble. He was given the role of leadership although he had …show more content…
DuBois fought for he civil rights of blacks. He believed that African Americans could be treated as equals. He urged his followers to stand up for their rights and work through the law. DuBois argued that black communities had throughout history been lead by educated men who he referred to as the “Talented Tenth”. Education was extremely important to DuBois who, unlike Washington found solace in higher level education. Although it was unclear, and probably unlikely, that Rawlins had a higher level of education he did fight for the rights of blacks and was depicted as intelligent. He stood as the kind of leader that DuBois would of supported and strongly fought to end discrimination and violence against blacks. DuBois, felt that blacks and whites shouldn't segregate. As stated before Rawlins, who worked closely with whites men, represented what DuBois holed to accomplish. Each of these men, Douglass, Washington, and Dubois, though very different, have echoes in Rawlins as well as many other characters in the movie. Individually the ideas presented by Douglass, Washington, and Dubois appear to be radically different, although in reality they complement each other. Rawlins was a fictional character, but represented black leaders all across the US at this time. A tumultuous time, Africa American leaders played an interesting role within the black community. Each, no doubt influenced by these and other great thinkers

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