The Great House Farm Passage Analysis

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1. The fact that slaves weren’t even permitted to know something as simple as the day they were born, or even the year they were born lets me know just how dehumanized they were. In this quote, Douglass compares the slaves’ lack of knowledge of their age to that of a horse. This comparison was very powerful and showed me how much slaves were put-down by their masters. This also seems like a good way to keep the slaves ignorant to the fact that they were, in fact, humans.
2. It seems that slaves were separated from their mothers at a young age to make them feel abandoned and to make it easier for the slave masters to control their slaves even more.
3. This passage moved me because it showed me that they didn’t even have the time or energy
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Them singing those dehumanizing songs about being able to work on the Great House Farm would move me more than reading any philosophy on slavery, too. It would make me upset to hear them sing about such things, as if that was the best thing and most exciting thing for them to sing about. The fact that they sang songs about working on the Great House Farm shows me just how dire their situation was. Now-a-days, we sing songs about love, about relaxing, about vacation or even stupid songs, like “Friday” by Rebecca Black because we have the luxury to experience very few hardships, which is represented in some of our music today. Back then, the slaves probably couldn’t have even written songs about relaxing because they just didn’t know what it felt like. Now that I realize this fact, I am very moved by their circumstances during …show more content…
This passage shows just how rare it was for slaves to meet white people who respected them and treated them kindly. I hope that Fredrick Douglass’s new mistress remains kind because I know just how much power and corrupt people.
16. From a young age, Douglass felt that he would not be confined t slavery forever. He had twinges of hope that he would have access to more opportunities in his life. I can relate to his feeling of hope as I, too, have felt that I was made for more than what I was born into, especially when I used to live in Spain. From personal experience, I know that having hope can carry you a long way. With hope, you feel like anything is possible; with hope, you know that there is the possibility of a better tomorrow.
17. Just as I thought, power has corrupted Douglass’s kind mistress. Because she had complete control over a human being, she was exposed to great amounts of power. This gives me less hope for humans in general. The fact that someone who was so kind and who treated Douglass with so much respect (for that time period) could turn on him so quickly, shows me just how evil the human spirit can be when exposed to so much

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