Douglas Mcgregor 's Theory Of Psychological Health Essay

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Douglas McGregor was an American Social Psychologist. He was born in 1906 in Detroit, MI., and passed away October 1, 1964, in Massachusetts at the age of 58. He studied at Harvard University, where he later became a professor. Later in his career, McGregor became president of Antioch College in 1948. Douglas was president there for six years.
McGregor had an informal teaching style. Most students recall him sitting with his feet up on the desk or walking around jangling keys or coins as he spoke. Douglas did not publish much but when he did it had great impact. Such as his book titled “The Human Side of Enterprise" published in 1960. A few of his other books include Professional Manager (1967) and Leadership and Motivation.
Abraham H. Maslow was also an American psychologist who influenced Douglas McGregor. He was best known for creating Maslow 's hierarchy of needs. A theory of psychological health predicated on fulfilling innate human needs in priority, culminating in self-actualization. The way Douglas McGregor’s Theory X and Y fits into Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is as assumed, Theory X is used to describe the characteristics of people in the first two levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. Where Theory Y is describing the characteristics of people that are in the next three levels.
Douglas is well known for his Theory X and Theory Y. The assumptions for the X and Y theory are based off assumptions of social science research. Here is a break down summary of each…

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