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The Importance of Data Accuracy
Lisa Simpson
University of Phoenix
CIS 319: Computers and Information Processing
August 18, 2008

The accuracy of data input is an important function of our daily lives. We rely heavily on data accuracy for everyday tasks and trust that this data is accurate so we can maintain our personal, educational, and professional lives. Before the technology age, we simply entered all data manually or had the benefit of limited uses of typewriters, calculators, or faxing documents to others. Now most of us have access to a number of computers, a cell phone, and email. There are various ways of imputing data and which provide various output methods. In addition, there are several storage tools that we
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By utilizing a random telephone survey, information can be obtained and applied to collect data for community surveys, consumer surveys, government surveys, and membership surveys. One benefit of using a telephone survey is that there is no need to have a “live” individual taking this data. The call simply can be made to the intended market and that recipient can simply punch in their scores electronically by selecting a number on the phone, which avoids any one person entering that data into the computer or scanning. It is immediately transmitted to the data-capturing document. One negative side effect is that this process is not suitable for large amounts of data as this method is best used for small data collection. Retail tags and bar codes ensure that accurate data is obtained and merchandise can be ordered based on the computerized stocking methods. This is beneficial for not only the consumer but also the retailer. The consumer is able to clearly view the price of the item and the retailer is able to ensure that the advertised amount is applied. Using Magnetic Ink Character Recognition Devices (MICRD) simply scans the bottom code of checks that automatically tells the bank the necessary banking information such as customer account information. This is beneficial to the banking system as they have a large amount of accounts and this method quickly routes information. Long documents are projects that are hundreds of

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