Essay about Doubtful Dreams, By Rene Descartes

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Doubtful Dreams As any other philosopher, Rene Descartes was driven by the need to find the undeniable truth. He was very upset when he realized as a young man that many of the things he was taught in school was scarcely supported by evidence, if not out right false (Pojman & Vaughn, 2011, p.487). Therefore, when he began his foray into philosophy, he decided would deny and ignore all previously accepted opinions and build an entirely new foundation of truth to build on (Tweyman, 2013, p.45). He did this by using what is now known as the Cartesian Method. The Cartesian Method was something of a short cut for Descartes, a process which allowed him to call all of his beliefs into question without having to question each and everyone individually. The first step is to doubt the senses. This is rather easy to do since it is very easy to trick the senses, and there is very little we can do to check them for accuracy at any given moment (Rosenthal, 2015, p.541). Since we can really only interact with objects with our sense, the thought follows that we have no guarantee that the perceived object are not just another trick to our senses. There is also the act of dreaming to consider, which is the next step in the Cartesian Method of doubting. Just as there is no way to know if our senses are deceiving us, there is no way to tell if we are awake or dreaming. This step is harder to wrap the mind around but Descartes argues that there are plenty of times when he has been…

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