Wizard Of Oz: Glinda The Good Witch Of The North

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The wizard of Oz was the first film to use technicolor in 1939 showing viewers that not everything is always so black and white. Dorothy, the main character wishes to find a place “over the rainbow” or a place she can do no wrong, far from her home in Kansas with her aunt and uncle. She is soon whisked away by a tornado that strikes her home to the wonderful land of Oz. Dorothy 's only hope to get back home is to meet the wizard of Oz. Along the way Dorothy gains many friends and learns that she, and her friends, already have what they need to do great things. This may be the most predominant message of the movie, but there are several others intertwined into the film, some not as wonderful as the land of Oz. What seems to be a movie about …show more content…
Glinda the Good Witch is the one who told Dorothy to keep the shoes from the Wicked Witch of the West. She is also the one who starts the celebration of the witches death. She explains to Dorothy that only pretty witches can be good, this is in fact the only indication that the wicked witch of the west is bad because of her green skin and mole. It is never expressed what the wicked witch actually does to earn her wicked title. After the wizard is proven not to be a wizard at all it is Glinda the good witch who tells Dorothy how to get home, even though she was the one who sent her to see the great wizard. This leaves the suspicion that Glinda knew that the wizard would send her to see the witch, after all why shouldn 't she send Dorothy, who has already killed one witch, to kill another, two should be easy.
The story of The Wizard of Oz shows how everything is not always black and white. Dorothy, depicted as a sweet innocent farm girl who just wants a place she can do no wrong, is actually a serial killing kleptomaniac. The actions of Dorothy to get home blur the lines between right and wrong and the question of if there is a higher power lingers in the background. There maybe no place like home but there is definitely no place like

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