Dorothy Day Response Paper

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Dorothy Day Response Paper

What audience did Dorothy Day have in mind when writing her autobiography? Who was she trying to reach and what was her message? When Dorothy Day wrote her autobiography I don’t believe she had a specific audience in mind, in fact I believe her intention was to reach average individuals in hopes to inspire. In her book, she mapped her entire journey out in a way that just about anyone could easily relate to at least one part of her life, whether searching and yearning for something during childhood, emotional and spiritual roller coasters during her early adulthood/parenthood or late adulthood when I believe she found the balance she’d been trying to achieve for a while. I believe her technique was
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Day lived her life in a way that was so selfless and really encourages people to take a step back and analyze their ways of life. I never realized that Catholicism was so "community" driven. A quote that best sums this up is when Day says, "We cannot love God unless we love each other, and to love we must know each other. We have all known the long loneliness and we have learned that the only solution is love and that love comes with community.". She understood the bigger picture and was able to go against the grain of society, finding a balance that stayed true to her religious beliefs and serving the less fortunate. It wasn't until my reading of Day’s book, as well as discussions in class, that I learned or maybe that is became clear, that it’s possible to find a balance between a spiritual life and an activist life. Day found a great balance in basing her activism on God’s word. She took the Gospel to heart and lived her life according to it while standing up for causes in which she believed.

Based on what you know about Dorothy Day from her autobiography, what would Day’s message be to society today?
I believe Dorothy Day’s message to today’s society would be to serve God while restoring humanity. Don’t just serve God by praying and making donations to charities and churches like many do, but instead physically live the life. In class, the saying “put your money where your mouth

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