Dorm Visitation Should Be Longer Essay

1031 Words Nov 4th, 2015 null Page
Imagine a day; it’s cold, rainy, and gray. Wouldn’t it be nice to spend it with your significant other? Maybe watch a movie or do some homework or even just sleep, but then you look and see it’s only three in the afternoon. That means you have four hours before dorm visitation. This may not seem like a long time but for people with work it can mean the difference between seeing this person that day or having to wait. Dorm visitation should be longer. In a theoretical outlook on hormonal teens, it makes sense to keep dorm visitation later at night. The only downfall is that, if you are one of those college students that have work early in the morning or late at night and class in between, you run the chance of missing out on the visitation. Now, how fair is that to the students of Flagler College that they miss out because they are trying to better themselves and build their resume? From the point of view of someone that does work during visitation hours and usually misses out, I can honestly say it’s not helping me want to work more when sometimes I end up going days without seeing my significant other. That sounds bad but in reality college is supposed to be about finding ourselves. We should be able to do things for ourselves and make our own decisions. As the rules stand now, the times for dorm visitation are seven pm to midnight on Sunday through Thursday and seven pm to two am on Friday and Saturday. I believe that adding more time to Friday and Saturday as a start…

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