Dora B. Is An 86 Year Old Caucasian Woman From The Antelope Valley

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Dora B. is an 86 year old Caucasian woman from the Antelope Valley. She is a retired Microbiology professor, business owner and author. I interviewed Dora who first and foremost is one of the most remarkable women I have ever known. Dora grew up with a hard working father a self –made man as she puts it and a mother who was a housewife and two brothers, one older than she and one younger. When most women during that era were destined to the kitchen and raising children, she was progressive and sought to become a scientist. Dora was encouraged by her father to pursue her interest in science she graduated from college in 1945 with a B.S. in chemistry something that she adds was “unheard” of at that time. After obtaining her degree in chemistry, she moved from the East coast to the West coast to pursue her career in teaching. Dora taught for 27 years at the local community college. During her tenor, she wrote the text book from which she taught which I might add is still being used today in many college classrooms. Additionally, she was able to secure not only a wonderful career in teaching, but she became a business owner as well an investor. Her career and investments afforded her millionaire status. Dora’s childhood was one that was that faced some adversity and abuse at the hands of her brother and her mother. Dora recalls when she was about 7 years old she was molested several times by her older brother and she believes that her mother was aware of the abuse…

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