Interview And Acceptance Essay

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This career episode is based on my summer training. As per my university curriculum, during the end of 6th semester of my study everyone has to undergo a summer training for the partial fulfillment of Industrial Training Seminar conducted at the mid of 7th semester. The main objective was to apply procured knowledge to the live scenario and also gain hands-on experience working in a real-time and practical environment. Details of this training are as follows:

Interview & Acceptance
Since the beginning of my engineering degree, I gravitated towards communication and networks engineering and after studied Digital Communication in 6th semester my area of interest was more developed towards this specialization. For the training purpose, I applied in various organisations, but my first choice was Doordarshan with a hope of applying my technical knowledge in one of the largest broadcasting organisation. I was called for an interview as application influx was very high in this organisation and retention was less. I successfully cleared my technical interview rounds and finally started trainee tenure on 13.06.2011.

Research & Analysis about company
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I came to know that Doordarshan is among one of the largest broadcasting and television networks in the world and it started functioning on 15 September 1959. Moreover, at present, it caters around 21 channels nationwide and also a pioneer in international broadcasting via satellite. For instance, the Eurobird Satellite make channel DDIndia available in the UK. I found that Prasar Bharti is the main controlling body of Doordarshan. I came to know that code of ethics is primarily governed as per the rules laid by all board of members appointed by the Information and Broadcasting Ministry of the Government of

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