Essay on Donald Trump 's Work Effort

2045 Words May 5th, 2016 9 Pages
Donald Trump is one of the successfully person in the world. His business is on going to builds more of his work effort. For a example like playing monopoly. There is property and places. First to keep your business going forward, you we sell your houses as a cheap as you know you could get it . Then when you know you have your business partners right where you want them. Start to rise the property and places a little higher. Then tell your business partner that they won 200$ dollars for 2 months staying in business with you. After you do that they will feel more comfortable being with you. Then after one or two months go by. Hit your business partners with a letter. Hi, This so and so speaking. The company need a advance on a month of the bill, so it will be 2,300. Then what they don 't know is the bill is really 1,500. But they going to do it because they love this company.The company give them a low rate on a house and paid them 200$ dollars saying they are happy for their business partner staying in business with them for two months. That 's why Donald Trump is one of the best successfully person in the world, and how he invited the game monopoly. Donald Trump surprise me, how successfully he really is.I was playing monopoly with my family, and i was beating them.I started to take their money and property. As a freshman in high school I started to remember the time i was beating them. I wanted to learn more about the accounting of the real world, because in board game…

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