Donald Trump 's Revolutionary Campaign Essay

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Throughout Donald Trump’s revolutionary campaign there has come lots of uses of identification. Trump has used this identification to persuade his supporters like no other candidate before. Identification is “ the common ground between the speaker and the audience” (Griffin 299). In this case, it’s the recognized common ground between Trump and his supporters. Many people would probably believe there is not common between a billionaire and an average voter. But, I have been lucky enough to attend some of Donald Trumps rallies in New Hampshire. I was absolutely blown away by his personality and persuasion when I went to them. Before I went to one of his rallies, I can honestly say I was strongly against him becoming the next president of the United States. That changed, although I’m still a little skeptical on most of his policies. But nonetheless, he has this ability to pull you in when you see him in person; he makes you want to fill in a dot next to his name at the ballot box. Trump is capable of doing this because he was once not a politician and he was a citizen that was very angry at the government. Trump’s message is simple and is relevant to what many Americans feel because he was one of them, frustrated about Obamacare and other things in Washington that the politicians are oblivious to. Trump is an aggressive businessman who has built a ten billion dollar company and that’s why a large chunk of Americans think he would be a good politician to take back America and…

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