Donald Trump Should Not Be Elected President Essay

1250 Words Apr 29th, 2016 5 Pages
Many families migrate to the United States for a better life. However, some have problems becoming citizens, because they immigrate illegally. Throughout the presidential election of 2016 a candidate by the name of Donald Trump has made several accusations toward immigrants of The United States of America. He has claimed to send everyone that does not belong here back to their country. Donald Trump should not be elected president because it will cause racial problems, economy decrease, and he lacks respect.
Likewise, Donald Trump has stated that he would change many factors in the United States. In a recent interview he said, “...I’ll build it.”(Tapper, 1:40-1:41). During the interview he talks about building a wall between the border of the U.S. and Mexico. He states that this wall will decrease crime rates and lower the amount of illegal people that come to America. He also explains how Mexico will pay for it. The reason behind building this wall is because of the terrorist attacks that have been happening in the past. One of the terrorist attacks that have happened in the past is 9/11, which was the destruction of the world trade center caused by two airplanes of the United Airlines. That event caused the death of thousands of people, and in result caused the U.S. to have more protection around international borders. However that has not been enough, because there has still been terrorist attacks recently. That is why Donald Trump states to built a wall, so the illegal…

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