Essay On Duality In America

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It 's a steaming task to scribe a literate piece of work after the society supposedly living on the fabric of innovation has contorted the entirety of its ethos through one political election. That being said, it 's foolhardy to encompass a society so handcrafted on the fable of autonomy while the larger duality seems to serve the exact anti-thesis-- As surprising it is to hear, we live in an America catered to the bigotry of Trump and his supporters. As repulsive as he may be, our voices are drowned out by other members of Americans fraternizing and embellishing his repugnancy through fraternity tail-gaiting events, and locker room hangouts between misogynists and racists.

What concerns me most, aside from the grotesque locker-room
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And that’s not to say that I don’t love or “embrace” my cultural background but it 's more that America doesn’t let me embrace it. For example, most white critics voice that Yuna should embrace her hijab and let her music speak from a place of experience rather from her ethnic ipseity emanating from her aesthetic. That being said, the world continues to implicitly compartmentalize her music and her “look” into the same box as if they have a kind of correlation with each another. That’s why our American society can’t stop having conversations about her hijab and how it affects the taste of her music. How come a woman can 't wear a hijab and write EDM music or Rock music, or Folk music for that matter?

The troubling aspect is we can 't choose when not to face these issues--they are in many ways trifling but, nevertheless, detrimental to my growth as a member of the music scene in America. I want the world to give its last racist, stereotypical, bigoted script to an American-born Indian who grew up in Kansas and attended Northwestern and Johns Hopkins. I want to see the world conform and not possess the need of vandalizing our identity as

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