Donald Trump Is Opportunistic, Not Candid, By Andy Schmookler

719 Words Sep 22nd, 2015 3 Pages
In his essay “Donald Trump is Opportunistic, Not Candid,” Andy Schmookler addresses the controversial subject of Donald Trump running in the presidential campaign. Schmookler believes that by failing to acknowledge Trumps strategies contributes to inclining poll votes. Schmooker had recommended an evaluation of Trumps words to be done in which can be integrated into further understanding. While it may be true that recent years have seen certain facts about Trump increase in the general public, Schmooker’s assertion of Trump is opportunistic, to candid. Schmooker begins his piece by noting the difference from Trump and his opponents in the presidential race. (citation) Noting much of Trumps appreciation from voters was dependent on him being candid, where Trump says what he thinks, and he means what he says. But in two obvious ways, Trump is anything but candid. Schmooker as well as many others have stated that much of what Trump is saying now is the opposite of what he was saying not long ago. (citation) Trump specifically had taken a hard-line position on immigration here in the United States. Yet not even two years ago, he had been telling those advocates for immigrants, “You have convinced me.” (citation) But immediately many can specifically relate back where he had reversed himself similarly in Hilary Clinton’s performance as Secretary of State. Making comments such as, she has gone from doing a “good job” to being one of the worst Secretary of State in history of…

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