Donald Trump Banality Of Evil Analysis

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The United States takes pride on the ideology of supporting freedom, even naming itself “the land of the free” despite the many issues “minorities” have faced throughout its entire history. Nevertheless, many Americans believed that the United States has shown progress and has become more open, providing more opportunities for people of color, women, the LGBT community and so forth. However, with the election of Donald Trump as president, many of the Ideologies of America's past has unveiled itself in full view. The main issue of this all is having the leader of the “free world” being the one who represents all of America's negative qualities such as sexism, racism, homophobia, etc. Here is where our society may be affected by the “banality …show more content…
However, journalist have been put in an uncomfortable position when trying to mediate the news both during Trump running for office and now his presidency, since it is difficult to publish articles that are not submissive when speaking about Donald Trump's outrageous acts and comments. Peter Dreier brings up an interesting point of this matter in his article “Donald Trump and the ‘Banality of Evil’”. The article spoke about the comment Donald Trump made while he was running for office against Hillary Clinton. Trump alleged that Hillary wanted to “abolish” the Second Amendment and made a comment about the only way to stop her was the Second Amendment people (Drier, 2017). He indirectly stated that gun owners should use their rights to murder Hillary Clinton. Although this comment was made. Drier mentions how news reports of this matter made it seem as though it was simply a joke (Drier, 2017). However, when is a man, especially one who is running for the most powerful position possible in the United States, threatening a person's life a joke? This is an example of the “banality of evil” because those who are reporting the story are trying to rectify Trump's statement even though it should be seen as

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