Don 't Worry, Be Happy Essay

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Don’t worry, Be happy
The ability to reflect on a personal experience so it becomes a meaningful lesson in life has been the most difficult thing in my life to do successfully. The positive note is I’ve developed coping mechanisms and became versatile in situations so nothing results in a self destruct method of a solution to a personal problem. In the end, I just want a happy memory filled life with little to no regrets. This, I feel, is part of being human; I think many of us are constantly in search of that pursuit of happiness. The subjects that have risen from this course have had me reflect in the way that outside environments may be hindering my pursuit of happiness. As the theme of the class goes, my environment is one being created by technology because as it changes: society changes. The readings demonstrate technology being intertwined in different aspects of a person’s life, such as: work, school, and health. As a result, I’ve become aware of where technology is found in my environment. Unfortunately, this new consciousness did not help to the activity that was a true challenge. The challenge of going without one form of technology for 12 hours solidified the concepts of technology within society. After the challenge, I don’t think technology is shaping society, as much as society is being forced to change by technology. Having no technology made me think: is technology helping in my life or is it a hindrance? Right now, my life is in a unique place. Not only am…

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