Don 't Worry About Where You 're Coming From Essay

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“Don 't worry about where you 're coming from," Ward said. "It 's hard enough to write a play. Try to say what you need to say, and let the chips fall here they may, Douglas Turner Ward, an American playwright, actor, director and theatrical producer, once said. Ward said many things in his satire plays. For Douglas Turner Ward, the theater was a place where he was able to use comedy to discuss real issues that faced African Americans.
Born on May 5, 1930 in Burnside, Louisiana, Douglas Turner Ward grew up on a plantation. He was a descendant of the founder of the Ku Klux Klan as his great, great, great-grandmother bore a child with him when she was his slave. “As soon as I learned my ABC’s, it seems that I fell in love with words. Words as expression and ultimately, words as art, I guess. And this led me to being an avid reader,” (Edwards). He graduated high school at the early age of fifteen. Ward transferred to University of Michigan in 1947, where he majored in journalism. He also played football as a Halfback. After a serious knee injury, he focuses his interests in politics and theatre. He was a part of campus activism and joined the drama club. In New York, Ward became politically involved and worked as a journalist. “He tried to liven up dull political meetings by writing satirical skits, and he realized he wanted to be a playwright” (Maupin). Ward studied at the Paul Mann Workshop. While living in New York City, he met Lorraine Hansberry. He inspired her to write…

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