Don 't Wait Until Tomorrow Essay

1365 Words Jan 11th, 2016 null Page
It all began last Christmas Evening when my brother and I began to walk towards the tree. As the music beckoned my family to un-wind, and call it a day, all of the presents my parents had wrapped only the day before began to hastily catch our naked eyes. The stockings didn’t receive the feeling yet, but they would definitely feel it tomorrow as I ripped my stocking off the nail to dig into the enormous candy supply. “Hehe, it’ll last...three days at the most.” I muttered under my breath. I felt my feet drag me away from the Christmas tree, and within seconds, my body was covered with a silken cotton, and my head hit the extremely-soft pillow, sentencing my eyes to close immediately. My peaceful sleep was easily canceled by a familiar voice. “I can’t wait until tomorrow, Jake. Can you?” Jerry asked me. I felt a weird sensation going on in my throat, and I couldn’t seem to speak. The words came out like a croak, and I tried to spit it out really fast so I wouldn’t have to feel miserable for the rest of the exhausting night. “I probably can. Get some rest, Jerry. Good night.”

My eyelids just couldn’t stay glued like I had commanded them too. My body was shaking, and then my bed. “Is there an earthquake outside?” I asked myself in my dream. But it wasn’t an earthquake that I was looking for. Instead, Jerry was jumping up and down on my chest, and I had to fight the pain. I slid out of bed like a slithery snake, and walked to the living room, and…

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