Essay about Don 't Violate Seo Rules By Conveying Wrong Information

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Don’t violate SEO rules by conveying wrong information

Each website has its own unique purpose. It is not fair to lie about the real objective of the website and instead give the real description of the website. This is to prevent the search engines from penalizing the site because of the wrong message conveyed. Visitors may click on the website thinking it has the intended information but get disappointed on reaching the site. In order to rank higher, it is not fair to use those malicious techniques.

Don’t use browser specific functionalities in your website

Browsers vary and some can’t be able to translate certain codes, features and plugins used in a website. Visitors will be irritated and easily leave the page if the visual is not loading completely. Try to make the website browser friendly on different platforms.

Don’t use Flash Introductions

Flash makes websites to load very slowly. One may think that it will excite a visitor when he/she visits the website but in the real sense, no one is willing to wait for almost two minutes for a page to load. There are alternatives to flash introductions that include combining JavaScript/html5/CSS3/CSS effects/ jQuery/ bootstrap and many more. The technology world is developing with each passing day and so are website trends. Some other irritating features include having a flash plugin that brings an error in case the user hasn’t installed the plugin.

Don’t write a disorganized code

In website design, clean codes are…

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