Don 't Let Your Schooling Get Through The Way Of Your Education

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“Don’t let your schooling get in the way of your education.” John Taylor Gatto’s famous quote could produce confusion in the minds of the general population. In today’s world, this line could seem redundant, irrevelent, or flat-out perplexing. After all, school is education, and education is school. Right? The real truth is that education is so much more than just a desk in a classroom; education is way of thinking, viewing, and understanding our world. The word ‘education’ has roots in Latin. It comes from the words ‘e’ and ‘ducare’, and means to lead out of. Essentially, education means to draw out understanding. In modern society, education takes the shape of school systems. But what is the practical and realistic meaning of education? What does this word truly mean to society today? Is it possible it could be being interpreted the wrong way? Gaining knowledge which is beneficial to understanding the world around us—this is what I think the definition of education is. Education means being able to think, and being informed so we can think maturely. An education should provide us with the tools to understand the world so we can know how to bring out the best in it. Education should shape us into well-rounded individuals, individuals who know how to think and express ourselves coherently. In her article “Essentials of a Good Education,” Diane Ravitch declares some goals education should accomplish in students: “To be able to read critically, listen carefully, evaluate…

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