Don 't Let Big Pauses Ruin Your Date Essay

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4. Don 't Let Big Pauses Ruin Your Date

On a first date, you are not comfortable with each other, so big pauses are going to be awkward! When you get to know each other better, and just want to take in the moment, they won 't be so bad, but for now you have to keep the conversation going if you are face-to-face and there is nothing to watch or do.

I learned a trick a long time ago called cherry picking that becomes a natural way to continue the conversation once you master it. This requires listening, so make sure you got your listening ears on during your first date.

What you do is listen for one little 'cherry ' to talk about and then you pick it to start a new conversation. Let 's use the following conversation as an example.

Your date: "I get a few days off this week." (No cherry)

You: "What are you going to do?"

Your date: "I 'll probably go visit my mom and do some gardening." (Gardening is a cherry. When you get stuck later on, you can ask your date what type of gardening they do.)

You: "Do you visit your mom often?"

Your date: "Yes. I 'm there almost every weekend. We have a very close relationship." (No cherry)

You: "What do you two do together?"

Your date: "We cook, watch movies, and go for walks. We are both nature freaks, so we like to hike." (Cooking and nature are both cherries, but because they emphasized the hiking, bring that up next and save the cooking for later.)

See how that works? As long as you can remember little things that…

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