Don 't Judge A Book By Its Cover Essay

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“Don’t judge a book by its cover” by Anonymous. This phrase actually implies for this particular book. By just looking at the title, one can think that it is all about slavery in the early stages of the United States, however that it is not the case. The book is about the immigration of British people to the New World thinking that they could have a better life than their hometown. The first settlers were located at what is now Virginia in a town called Jamestown. From that point on, the book explains about how the Englishmen wanted to be independent from England and how they succeed it. At the beginning of this book, Englishmen were upset of the high unemployment and low workplaces in England during the sixth century. Because there was a booming of high rate of birth at that time and more people means more people to feed, sustain, etc. Then, they found out that their old last enemy, Spain, had found a new place across the ocean where they thought that there was nothing but the end of the world. After finding out about the discovery of the New World and Spain taking over the Indians, Englishmen didn’t like the idea of Spain gaining so much power. Then, they tried to ally to the enemies of Spain such as the Cimarrones, people who are brought from Africa by the Spaniards as slaves to work in the New World. However, England didn’t like the concept of slavery, then they started to fight against Spain for the freedom of the Cimarrones and other people under the control of the…

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