Essay on Don 't Judge A Book By Its Cover !

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Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover! People prejudge everyone around them, for example who’s threatening and who’s not. The number one group is the African American, they are always on a suspect list according to the white people. Language of prejudice, discrimination, and stereotypes is all around us and people use it to maybe non-intensionally insult someone other race group. James Baldwin states that it’s the way one talks to people or through ones writing you can sense discrimination or an unwelcoming tone, but Brent Staples suggests that it’s through looks and actions. Both would agree with the statement that people stereotype someone through the body language. The way people talk to one another had really changed because people now have a sense where everyone around is a threat, especially the minorities. “A language that permits the nation its only glimpse of reality, a language without which the nation would be even more whipped than it is” (Baldwin). Baldwin is trying to say that if you look around people are criticizing one-other without even thinking about it. A nation that criticizes itself is not a strong and powerful nation. A language that is used to insult or to hurt others, should not belong in a strong and power country. “The argument [about Black English] has nothing to do with the language itself but with the role the of language” (Baldwin). Black English was created by the African American, since they were not educated before the…

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