Don 't Hear What You Do You Hear About Essay

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“Listen Mark, do you hear that?” I sit and listen for a moment but I can only hear his heavy breathing
“I can’t hear anything sir”
“That’s right do you know why, it’s because that stupid guitarist went and broke his godforsaken hand and now we don’t have anyone to play the guitar, but that’s when you come in Mark. The first day you came in you told me that you could play so I’ve already made the arrangements so you’re going to play the guitar for the band till we find a replacement. Before you say anything keep in mind I’ll add an extra hundred dollars to your pay till we’ve found someone.” I didn 't know what to say I didn’t want to do it, sure the money could help but I’m rusty on the guitar and I’m exhausted from the show.
”I’m sorry sir, but that doesn 't sound like something I want to do,” “I thought you’d say that so I’ll offer it one more time and this time if you don’t accept you’re fired, no problems? Good, now go out there and play for that idiot.”

I walk out onto the stage with an acoustic guitar in hand and crowd doesn’t look too pleased with me. Whether it be because they just saw a comedian pick up a guitar, or that some of them thought there was nothing wrong and I was the band 's normal guitarist, and I was just being a lazy bum. I walked out to meet the band they were all already all set up, no time for tuning. They handed me a stand and a sheet of music and the entire crowd sighed thinking some idiot had just walked on stage. I took a quick look at…

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