Don 't Get Me Wrong? Essay

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Literally is such a widely misused words people should either learn how to use it properly or just stop using it all together. Instead of people using it when they mean actually or in real terms, they typically use it in figurate terms or when they are exaggerating. Don’t get me wrong there are people who can use it correctly but there is that small percent of people who cannot give a definition of literally that is in anyway correct. There are little things that people can do in order to use literal correctly and I will tell you just that.
Merriam Webster Dictionary defines literal as “adhering to fact or to the ordinary construction of primary meaning of a term or expression” (“Literal”). Most of the time when you hear the word literally in everyday language the person is speaking in figurative terms. For example when someone says they literally died of embarrassment; they are figuratively speaking because obviously they did not really die of embarrassment. Because if they did die of embarrassment they would not be able to stand there and tell you about it. The media does use people misusing the word the make humor out of it though. For instances on an episode of How I Met your Mother Ted points out Robin’s incorrect usage of the word literally in place of the word figuratively. Another time that the media makes fun of how people use the word literally wrong is in the television show Parks & Recreation Rob Lowe’s character uses the word literally incorrectly all the time…

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