Can T Reality Be Beautiful?

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WOULDN 'T reality be beautiful if love came knocking on your door?

Your eyes would outshine luna, blood would creep up your neck to your cheeks and then to the tips of your ears, your lips would curve upwards mimicking a parabola, and your heart.

My god, your fist-sized heart.

One magical muscle.

Your heart would race like it 's participating in the Olympics in the summer. It 'd give you such a high emotion that the first thought that crosses your mind will embarrasse you when you think about it later. Your hands would stretch to touch the human being who possesses you more than yourself. Your mouth would stretch to utter his name so softly yet so intimately that you can 't help but bite your lips.

Violin music will play in the background.
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Although doc said it was probably nothing to be concerned about, but an echo wouldn 't harm. Better safe than sorry. Upon hearing this, I insisted on delaying my flight, but dad insisted I better go before mum forced me to stay back.

"Promise me you 'll forward me the report when you get it," I said in a strict tone.

He chuckled. "Of course."

An overhead announcement was made about my flight being ready to board. I, however, was nowhere close to ready. Tiny tears pricked the corners of my eyes, fighting to come out. For the first time in my life, I was detaching myself from the people who loved me to death. My parents showed no hints of tears, which frustrated me. Why couldn 't I be strong like them?

"I better go," I said.

Mum went through her list again (eat properly, sleep properly, etc) and dad simply said to broaden my horizon. "Life 's too short to be alone," he said. "Make new friends, not boyfriends."

I ended up laughing in tears.

"I love you," I told them.

"We love you more," Mom said.

Then, I was headed my way to Vienna, Austria, the home to classic music legends like Beethoven and
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Curfew was at eleven, so I figured I could tour around the campus.

After taking a one hour long nap.

Heather decided to practice, inevitably disturbing me from my slumber. At the end, I sealed my mocha black-brown hair in a hideous bun, which could bring second-hand embarrassment to hair stylists everywhere. Dressed in a pair of knee high leggings and a t-shirt, I slipped on my white sneakers and went for a jog.

Mum forced this habit upon my older brother and I during our childhood. Michael gave it up soon enough, however it stuck to me. Jogging turns into a necessity after years and years. You want to skip it, but if you do, then your whole body longs for it. Exactly like brushing your teeth after dinner. Which I do skip often and suffer the consequences. Anyways, I remembered to brush today.

At this hour, students lingered around the front yard of the academy.

Me, a little rebel (not really), being an introvert seeking solitude chose the back entrance for my jog. Hardly a bird was in sight let alone a human being. I checked out the distance from one end of the building to the other, which covered easily with a run, though in case I had classes on opposite ends, I better learn to adjust my walking

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