Don T Give Up: The Causes Of Teen Suicide

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Don’t Give Up
Suicide among teens is becoming more common in the last few years. Unfortunately, teens who commit suicide pass on their pain to the ones who care about them. Teens who commit suicide are prompted by depression or events that occur in their life. Teen suicide should not be the only answer. Suicide can be replaced with more constructive ways to deal with depression, such as treatment and antidepressants.

Teens who choose to commit suicide have many factors that influenced their decision. Factors that are school related have an effect on the he because he he spends much of his time there. hes are affected by their performance in school. Struggling with school subjects can cause depression and self-deprecation. Furthermore, hes
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The teen’s loved ones enter the stages of grief. Everyone has a unique way of dealing with the loss of a loved one. The process of grieving initially begins with disbelief and shock. If people expect the teen to commit suicide, he may begin the grieving process before the teen is actually gone. This mostly occurs when the teen is ill. People usually have different orders of the same types of grief. The first stages of grief are anger and guilt. When people are in the anger stage, he usually direct their feelings of anger towards the teen. The feeling of guilt is next, following anger. Guilt occurs when the his friends and family blame themselves for not helping enough. The relatives believe he could have done something more to help the teen or prevent them from committing suicide. The next stages of grieving include denial and depression. This is the time when loved ones say, “If only we had seeked help sooner…”. After a while, the victim’s family and friends enter the stage of acceptance and may get counselling. If you are worried that he will attempt suicide. Look for some common actions. Talk to him or get him professional counselling. Most of all listen to him when he talks to you, provide help and advice, always remain calm and understanding. Never show the him your anger or frustration for how he feels. Above all show him that he is loved and that he should never commit

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