Don Juan In A Streetcar Named Desire

Don Juan is a person spiritually rich, capable of love and longing, but perhaps he too often falls in love. However, he is not a seducer-freeloader and just his amorous nature pushes him to new, unfamiliar, fascinating love. Don Juan deftly penetrates into female hearts and thoughts, guessing their desires and feelings, and as soon as he manages to detect them it mean he has feelings.
And while Casanova is rude and uses flattery to please himself, then Don Juan is a true gentleman who knows how to behave with women. He is extremely glamorous and evaluates female beauty calling women- radiant and natural. Don Juan appreciates the woman, while Casanova simply uses every opportunity in his satisfaction. Most prominent among his experiences, however,
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Don Juan is an esthete; he admires the female beauty and charm. However, undoubtedly he uses women to satisfy their own desires, but also the woman is an integral part of pleasure for him. In male company he would be probably the only one who will not laugh at a dirty joke, he is impudent, but not without a sense of shame. His shyness is hidden, outside it does not occur. This is not preciosity but sensitivity – quality to which is added artistry, the need to transform. Women trust Don Juan, maybe because in his personality they see themselves, beings with sensual and vulnerable souls. He grew up with his mother, and this inevitably has affected him, approaching to women. Don Juan represents a choice in a man who was an infamous womanizer and rogue - seemingly a counter intuitive choice to make after declaring, "I want a hero, an uncommon want," in the very first line. The Juan created by Byron is very different to what we would expect - eternally young, innocent and "good at heart". Despite the constant changes, whether in setting, lovers or situations, he remains to some degree the same and changes very little. Don Juan inherited from his father the amorous nature. As we know, his father is glamorous, at the …show more content…
From tenderness to romance to extortion and fraud, Casanova does everything to charm and entice women into bed. He is heartless, criminal and unmoral lover. In contrast, Don Juan is an esthete, a man who appreciates the beauty, a man with good manners and behavior. Don Juan uses as his only weapon charm, charisma and sensuality to bewitch women. Moreover, he often falls in love with them and experiencing true feelings mostly to Haidee, while that is unfamiliar feeling for Casanova. For this they are both so different. Even modern Don Juan offended when you compare him to Casanova. Casanova became the personification of the deceiver-seducer, while Don Juan became a symbol of a gentleman who knows how to treat women. It is normal to ask why Byron selects just the name Don Juan. We must have in mind that most of the characters of Byron as Childe Harold and Manfred are somewhat degree of media traits of the writer himself. Many researchers determine Byron like the irresistible Don Juan, although both are radically different. In the past, the critics have turned their attention to strange proximity in the characters of Byron and Don Juan. The image of Don Juan which the author builds is the exact opposite of the already approved image of the character – heartless, criminal and unmoral lover. George Byron completely

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