Domino's Pizza Planner Analysis

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Domino’s recently signed a Department’s of Health’s Responsibility Deal to ensure that all ingredients be shown to the consumers to ensure no artificial flavourings is used as Domino’s realised that they play a crucial role in promoting healthy diets that is why they developed the Pizza Planner (more information on page 13).
If Domino’s did not care about the health of the consumers they will cause them to live a difficult life and further more cause death. If consumers struggle with a disease (as mentioned above caused by eating fatty foods) they will spend their money on health care rather than supporting the business in buying a pizza. This will cause sales to decrease and place Domino’s in a bad light. Therefore I believe this is an important
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The Pizza Planner shows how you can incorporated 3 slices of pizzas into a nutritionally balanced diet. Domino’s developed 6 Pizza Planners where each planner consist of 1000 calories ensuring the consumer receives at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables and a healthy amount of dairy. This planner is just a basic guideline for consumers to ensure their health stays on track and to prevent the consumers to gain weight. (Domino's, 2017)
SWOT Analysis of the Pizza Planner:
Strength Weakness
• By being involved in this CSR project Domino’s complies to the regulations of the KING code which gives them a good public image
• By being involved in a CSR project will make employees feel that there is more to their work than just profit and will increase employee moral • Employees focus to much time on the Pizza Planner and neglect other tasks which cause the productivity of domino’s to decrease
• The Pizza Planner will cost a lot of extra money which will cause Domino’s to experiences extra expenses which will pressure them to make a higher profit and increase their prices
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This will also attract more customers and possibly provide new suppliers with better prices • Other fast food companies e.g. Romans which have no CSR projects have less expenses and are able to provide customers with a better price than Domino’s and are able to steal customers
• The Pizza Planner can be a health risk for customers if they eat like this every day and this will cause customers to lose their loyalty from Domino’s

Adapted From: Pinterest, (2017), Domino's Cheese Burst Pizza [ONLINE]. Available at: [Accessed 6 March 2017].
Sustainability Of the Pizza Planner
A definition for sustainability is development that meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs
The concept of sustainable development is based on three pillars of sustainable development. To be sustainable, development must include these three fundamental elements.
The three pillars of sustainable development are:
1. Social
2. Environment

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