Domino's Pizza Essay

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Operations management is very crucial in the modern world today. It has helped businesses grow and reach their true potential. The concept of operations management started to take off around the time of the Industrial Revolution. OM was starting to be used to its potential. Operations management involves development, organizing, or administering in the sense of production, manufacturing, and even the delivery of certain services. Since it is an extensive subject, “…operations management can be defined from more than one perspective; first, with respect to its overall role and contribution within an organization, and second, focusing more on the day-to-day activities that fall within its area of responsibility” (Davis, Heineke pg. 4). This idea …show more content…
Lean production would be the most important as it would be using the least amount of food to create the product. Employees would always put too much pasta or sauce when making the product. This would cause too much of the food being used and the store not having enough for the end of the week, which would cause more problems with customers. Although, a similar just in time method is supposed to be used, workers would make shells for pizza ahead of time even when it was not busy which would result in us throwing out the dough. The dough for the pizza after being stretched was only good to sit for half an hour, and would have to be thrown out afterwards. This led to a lot of food waste and less revenue for the store. Lean production would benefit the store as it would make orders only when they came in and they would use less product. Supply chain management could also be used beneficially. Our store was last for food deliveries and this would always cause problems as other stores would take off our order if they felt like they had not ordered enough for the time period. This caused a rift between the store and commissary: where the orders were sent. The store had on multiple occasions looked for another supplier, but since we were part of a franchise it was not allowed. This would benefit the store if they were to make better arrangements with the supplier. They would be delivered their goods with better service and in return be able to give more service to the customers. Customers would complain about not having enough of certain toppings, but there was not much we could do as we could only work with a limited amount that they had delivered. With a better relationship, the service would be better to not only the store I worked at but other stores that used their services. Labor specialization would also benefit the Dominos

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