Domino Pizza Service Essay

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Our purposes in doing this report are to learn about the aspects of Domino’s Pizza delivery service and the ways Domino’s Pizza deal with the provider gaps to meet the customers’ expectations, also creating the perceptions of its service along the way. By using the Internet and other related sources as tools to dig deep into one of the most famous foreign pizza delivery brands in Vietnam, we have collected and totalize a great amount of useful and precise information about both Domino’s Pizza Company itself and the delivery service that it provides. Thanks to that, the result is the broad, both general and detailed view about Domino’s Pizza Company with its
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Nguyễn Tấn Dũng, the lecturer with his enthusiasm and dedication in lecturing, along with wide-scale knowledge and great pedagogical ability, who has given us a lot of useful, amazing lessons about service marketing, building a strong foundation for us to complete this report.
We also would like to thank each member’s family, who has given us a lot of time and opportunities to sit down together, research, discuss and brainstorm so that we can come up with a lot of helpful information and turn it into our own knowledge that is presented in this report.
As we all know, pizza delivery nowadays has been a fast-growing, enormously profitable industry that earns reputations for a lot of pizza delivery companies. Originating from the USA, the pizza delivery industry has witnessed the rise and market expansion of many still-standing companies, including Domino’s Pizza. Having had a long history with strong financial background and large business areas that expand from within the USA to many other European and Asian countries, including Vietnam, Domino’s Pizza has proved to be one of the most famous pizza delivery brands in the world, with the potential to develop more, especially in

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