Domination And Control In 1984

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In “1984”, George Orwell’s writing focuses on socialism came from his life experiences, and his book by the politics and historical events of the 1940s. He also used “1984” as a warning against the terrors of a totalitarian and communist society. In “1984”, there is diverse comparisons between events that happened in the real world. Orwell’s challenges the, domination and control that the government has over the people, and the power that the government has over people minds, making people think how they want to.
In “1984” the society had a totalitarian government just as Hitler, They controlled everything from history, thoughts, behavior, emotions, language etc. They controlled people life 's from the morning to the night. In chapter 3
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We are not interested in the good of others; we are interested solely in power. Not wealth or luxury or long life or happiness: only power, pure power.” (Orwell 263). Hitler quickly became a dictatorship and his government called the Third Reich did not give much space for freedom. The government controlled every part of people life, during Hitler’s government he always looked for power, to intimidate the society. Literary critic Isaacs Asimov claims that "1984 attempted to show what life would be like in a world of total evil, in which those controlling the government keeps themselves in power by brute force, by distorting the truth, by continually rewriting history, by mesmerizing the people generally" ( Asimov 15). According to Asimov, 1984 tried to show how life would be if the society had the type a government similar to 1984, and the government controlled the society by total control and surveillance and changing what already happened that people wouldn’t know the truth, they would …show more content…
After the arrest, the prisoner is placed in the Ministry of Love where the torture happens. “Remain exactly where you are. Make no movement until you are ordered” (Orwell 221) At this exactly moment Winston and Julia were arrested by the Thought Police for being against the Party. Joseph Stalin had a government similar to Big Brother “ Stalin purged society through his "Great Purge." Where he created a campaign against political members and people that plotted against the Party.” Both of the government can relate their ideas, they’re were always trying to make the society more faithful to their leaders because in that way would never happen a rebellion and their government would always improve and get more

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