Essay about Domestic vs Import Cars

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Domestic Vs Import Car Performance
This topic of discussion has frustrated many car enthusiasts over the years as the market for automobiles becomes even more cluttered with dozens of different makers. The general categories are that of domestic automobiles, which are those made by companies owned and operated by the USA, and imports, which is broken up into Japanese, Korean, and European cars.
Many people ask the question of which nationality makes the more quality car, but this discussion is different. The main position of this paper is that of overall performance, which is better: Imports or Domestics? For comparison sake, European cars will not be closely compared because of the extreme price differences. I will be going over
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So when comparing power, rear is better than front wheel drive and all-wheel drive allows for faster acceleration to a point, but eventually slows the vehicle down.
Let’s take one domestic and two import cars of the same approximate price value when brand new and compare power. The cars chosen are all popular power plants by consumers for racing and modification. The 2002 Chevrolet Camaro is the American contender at approximately $26,000 (brand new in 2002) against the 2004 Mitsubishi Evolution at roughly
$33,000 and the 2005 Honda Accord V6 at about $27,000 new. The Camaro is rwd (rear-wheel drive) with 320hp (horsepower) to the engine. The Mitsubishi is awd (all-wheel drive) with
276hp, and the Honda is fwd (front-wheel drive) with 240hp. As the cars sit stock, which one is the fastest in the quarter-mile race? How about top speed? Here are the stats when driven by professional drivers: the Camaro is capable of 12.9 seconds in the quarter-mile, the Evolution is capable of approximately 13.3, and the Accord is around 14.9. The Evolution is surprisingly almost as fast as the Camaro because of its awd and the short distance of a quarter-mile race. If the race had gone any longer, the Camaro would keep

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