Domestic Violence Essay

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1. The theme of racial discrimination on prevails throughout the movie and it is also shown in “imagining and become a proud Fort Harian” .A proud Fort Harian is someone who engages in debates so as to actively share the knowledge and to challenge misconceptions thus in the movie Tolson recognizes that his young debate students possesses the spark of a new generation, convinced that they can bring change if they are protected. The plot revolves around the efforts of the debate coach at a historically black Wiley College to place his team on equal footing with whites hence bridging the social gap which existed between blacks and whites.
Another theme highlighted is of being a strong reader, writer and thinker as evident by the efforts of
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James Jr Speech was a clear reflection of what he personally encountered through his journey with the debate team and Mr. Tolson.The Great Debaters doesn’t not shy away from showing the humiliation and persecution of blacks in the Jim Crow South. In Texas they lynch negroes after all he came across James Jr and his teammates were full of fear and shame .Tolson was an organizer at the same time a teacher thus his personal experiences directly affected James.
When James Farmer Sir accompanied by is family including James Jr accidentally runs over a pig ,is humiliation at he hands of he owner directly affected James Jr.Tolson driving home from a debate with his students comes upon a lynching .His argument was that violence should not be used in order to resist but civil disobedience.
4. In the first umthamo an African scholar was required to think critically,to analyze the information not just to swallow it but in the second umthamo he African scholar is required to engage in social activities ,to actively participate for the betterment of societies, to learn more about the surroundings and to contribute to their communities and so being a proud Fort Harian.
5. Armah is trying to highlight the fact that if people are awakened they are brought to

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