Domestic Violence Essays

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Kimberly Johnson
Gene Smallman
Social Science Cluster
November 2, 2010

Domestic Violence

While unemployment rates are increasing, the rise of domestic violence and stress continue to emerge. Due to the economic downturn, domestic violence precedes increasing crime rates. So far evidence and scientific research concludes economic problems manifest domestic violence. Apparently despair and desperation coincides with the ailing economy, and the recession is partially to blame. The correlation between domestic violence and economic stress results in unhealthy relationships. If you are inclined to be an abuser and face financial crisis you are at a higher risk to indulge in domestic violence, if given the opportunity. Domestic
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Due to these scientific research and surveys, it is safe to say that the recession has inflamed some abusive abusive tendencies, and left more people reluctant to leave dismantle relationships. In many cases people reported that a host of financial pressures made reported that a host of financial pressures made their partner more prone to violence and anger. Throughout history, two persistent assumptions have contributed to society’s turning away from the economic stress that impacts domestic violence: first, it was a minor, private and /or family matter. Second those others were helpless to do anything to solve the problem. Only recently has society begun to prevail the unspeakable horror of financial strain in relationships. The devastating effect of our economy and tragic consequences are people killing their children, spouse, family members and even themselves.
Domestic violence is bigger than a crisis it has become an epidemic in our nation. This problem is so complex and so pervasive that no one wants to tackle the issue. There was an incident that occurred two years ago when a family of four was experiencing financial problems. The husband was fired from his job, mother had been laid off and they had two children. The family faced foreclosure and reposing of one of the vehicles. The father shot and killed his wife, children and eventually himself because he couldn’t handle the financial disposition. As alarming as that sounds,

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