Domestic Violence in the Orthodox Jewish Community Essay

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Abuse in the Orthodox Jewish Community One of the biggest issues affecting the Orthodox Jewish Community both today and in the past is domestic violence. The issue of domestic violence in these communities’ effects not only women, but the abuse also extends down into children and it is something that impacts their lives both now and in their futures forever.
The issue of violence is more severe in these communities because many of the wives and children stay with their abuser or do not inform leaders of abuse because of religious beliefs and fear of divorce and suffering. The Orthodox Jewish Community even encourages against turning in abuse reports, which is a severe effect on these victims. Although the Orthodox Community
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For example in a survey “Jewish women take far longer to change their situations—seven to fifteen versus three to five years. (“Issues”)
The problem of domestic violence is also “silently encouraged” because many of the victims feel pressure to remain with their partners because of “Judaism’s primary emphasis on the family (“Issues”)”. In addition to the emphasis on family, they also feel pressured due to the “difficulty of raising large numbers of children alone (“Issues”).” Also, in the Jewish community men are seen as the providers of the family. If the woman would leave the man, many believe that the provision for the family would be gone, making it nearly impossible for the woman and children to survive on their own. These are reasons that also make it easier for men to abuse their wives. Knowing that their wives or partners will remain loyal to them and will not take legal action against them, it “silently encourages” them to participate in these mistreatments to their spouses. This issue is a chain effect, because the abuse takes place in the home, children are observers to these actions, then they believe it is “normal” and then will believe it is okay to treat human beings in that way.
One reason that various believe that domestic violence takes place silently in these communities is because of many of the strict laws for woman. “Jewish woman have been

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