Domestic Violence : What Women Want, Usta, J. Essay

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In the May/June 2012 article, Involving the Health Care System in Domestic Violence: What women Want, Usta, J., Antoun, J. Ambuel, B., & Khawaja, M. (2012). Involving the health care system in domestic violence: What women want. Annals of Family Medicine 10(3). 213 – 20 asks if the health care system should be taking a more active role in inquiring and reporting domestic violence among women in Lebanon. The study explores the attitudes of women in Lebanon regarding involving the health care system in domestic violence management. Deomestic violence is prevalent among women that are using primary health care services in Lebanon and has had a negative effect on their health. It states in the article that “Although numerous medical associations, governmental agencies, and advocacy groups recommend routinely screening for or inquiring about domestic violence, many physician, for various reasons, including lack of knowledge, inadequate training, and fear of offending patients (Usta, J., Antoun, J. Ambuel, B., & Khawaja, M. (2012),” The research and discussion in the article supports the author’s claim that the health care system is not inquiring nor doing enough about women that are experiencing domestic violence in Lebanon. This study also explored Lebanese women’s opinions of and their attitudes surrounding health care professionals taking a proactive role in addressing domestic violence as well as how the health care system can support women in the setting of domestic…

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